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Don't miss the key point in POS design

By their nature, products in DIY stores are functional and have a specific job to do. Ambiguous usage isn't the name of the game here.
9 September 2014

Looking to grow sales overseas

British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA), DIY and garden sector director Peter Stone discusses the key to successful export opportunities for suppliers.
25 June 2014

Building bricks with clicks

British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA), DIY sector director Peter Stone discusses the hotly-debated issue of bricks vs clicks and what opportunities are available for brands to explore
17 April 2014

A merry Christmas but watch out for those Turkeys!

If you blinked, you may have missed it but, sorry folks, Christmas has been and gone. Our DIY shop had a good run over Christmas and takings were up 33% on the previous year's December. Our yard becomes increasingly stuffed with Christmas trees that are sold to wide-eyed children and ever-paying parents.
6 February 2014

Are you ready to grasp the opportunities?

Ensure you grab every chance to boost those sales, urges Garden Centre Association chief executive Iain Wylie.
24 January 2014

You couldn't make it up - but they did

Some time ago I bought a sandwich shop and later sold it on to two businessmen, who ran it for a few years. Then one day a letter turned up from a firm of solicitors to tell me that the men had done a bunk and I was liable for the rent arrears of about £5,000 and that I would continue to be liable until the end of the lease.
9 January 2014

Attack the tax!

At a time when around 10% of retail sales are now made online, the world of retailing has irreversibly moved on, but many retailers continue to be frustrated by the outmoded taxes and regulations from a bygone era.
12 December 2013

A crisis in the multiple buying department?

'With mixed feelings' are probably the best words to describe the way suppliers used to anticipate crucial meetings with a multiple buyer.
4 December 2013

Shooting from the Hip

Shooting from the Hip is written by a number of different people in the DIY, hardware and garden market. Writing anonymously, they share their day-to-day experiences and, writing anonymously, are able to air any frustrations regardless of commercial considersations.
4 November 2013

Small indies will be the whipping boy

Bill sets out his stall in the ongoing business rates debate
31 October 2013

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