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Why is losing lots of money "brilliant"?

"Quelle horreur. One of our last brilliant British retaliers [sic] Habitat has gone into administration. Part being bought by Homebase! OMG!" Thus tweets self-styled 'Queen of Shops' Mary Portas.
27 June 2011

Don't sand so close to me

At a recent seminar I went to about building online communities, one of the speakers said that the best way to engage people through social media was to get them competing against each other. So if you had an online forum, introduce a star system so people who had made more posts had more stars under their names.
24 June 2011

The domino effect

The Focus fallout has begun to reveal itself in earnest with the news that supplier Proteam has been forced into administration by the retailer's own woes.
16 June 2011

A numbers game

Journalists love numbers - especially big numbers. The fact that they are sometimes meaningless big numbers doesn't matter in the slightest.
7 June 2011

Bringing search into Focus

I've just been taking a look at the amount of Google searches for Focus DIY over the last few years using Google Insight.
2 June 2011

Tool storage to tabletop

There's no escaping the fact the catch all term 'home improvement' covers a very fragmented market. From DIY sheds, to cookshops, garden centres to grocers, everyone wants their slice of the home market. And, on the surface some products appear to have no relation whatsoever.
20 May 2011

The world wide web in miniature

It's official, the internet is changing. Or rather, the way people are using the internet is changing, so the internet needs to change. And it will, so don't let your website be one of those left behind.
17 May 2011

Multichannel opportunities...

In March I attended the BRC Multi-Channel Retail Conference in London to hear industry leaders share their knowledge of what is a rapidly-growing market.
12 May 2011

A civil partnership

There can be very few people in the UK, and indeed in much of the rest of the world, who were unaware of the Royal Wedding last week.
6 May 2011

Back up plan

Back up. That’s not a polite request to someone standing a little too close, nor is it a helpful direction while helping someone to park. It’s a word of advice (well alright two). It’s me, adding my voice to the thousands of IT technicians for whom the words ‘back up’ are both a mantra and a mandate. Take heed, or be prepared to pay the price.
21 April 2011

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