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I've just been taking a look at the amount of Google searches for Focus DIY over the last few years using Google Insight. The amount of searches for the company have declined pretty steadily since 2004, (up until the recent announcement that they were going into administration of course when they have shot up again!)

So it seems clear that the amount of Google searches for your company could be a good indication of how well your brand is doing. If consumers are aware of you and are interested in buying from you, they will search for you by name.

Looking at the amount of searches for DIY Week I can see they have shot up in 2011. Have a look for your company, it might just put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Interestingly general searches for 'DIY' have gone down steadily over the last few years, as have searches for 'power tools' or just 'tools.' However searches for more specific terms such as 'hammer' or 'drill' have remained steady. So I think this is an indication that people are becoming more savvy about how to use search and using it to source specific products, rather than using it to find a website that covers their general range of interest and searching again from there.

What does this mean for your website? Well it means optimising your website for search terms like 'DIY' or 'power tools' is going to be less effective than optimising your website for searches for your specific products. Don't make the title of your webpage just "power tools," make it "Power tools from Bill's DIY shop: Angle grinders, table saws and corded drills." Sit back and watch the traffic come pouring in.
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