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Edinburgh branch of Solus to close due to administration

Published: 6 June 2014
Solus' Edinburgh regional distribution centre will close at the end of June, as the wholesaler, which went into administration three weeks ago, continues to struggle financially.
Edinburgh branch of Solus to close due to administration
Four employees have already lost their job at the branch, along with 87 other employees throughout the company.

At present it is not known what will happen to the remaining 14 staff at the Edinburgh depot, but administrators PwC have said it is providing all employees with the support they need.

In order to keep supplying Scottish customers, Solus is moving this part of the business to its Midlands branches.

Customers affected by this closure are to be contacted by Solus to confirm ongoing arrangements.

PwC joint administrator and director, Tony Barrell, said: "We would like to thank all employees for their continued support and contribution over the last three weeks and this difficult period of change.

"We're pleased to say that trading continues to hold up well post administration.

"Customers are continuing to order products, purchases are being made from suppliers and we are now close to getting to a business as normal state as possible in these circumstances."

Mr Barrell added that discussions with interested parties looking to buy Solus were ongoing and that they remain hopeful a sale can be completed.

Based in Hunnington, Worcestershire, Solus entered into administration on May 15 after suffering financial difficulty for some time.

In the six months to March 30 this year Solus reported a turnover of £29.3m and for the latest year accounts are available for, to September 2012, the company reported annual sales of £84.2m, which is down 12% from the previous year's £96.2m.

In a bid to turn things around, in February Solus announced that Scotts Miracle-Gro would be acquiring the company.

However, only weeks later the deal was off.

But in the latest twist of events, only last week rumours were circulating that the deal was back on the table, although these whisperings were quickly dismissed by Martin Breddy, vice president and general manager of Scotts Company (UK) and PwC.


06 June 2014 01:15:00
A sorry end to a sorry story.Good luck Midlands in trying to supply the whole of the country.All the best to the departed.
06 June 2014 01:14:00
06 June 2014 01:13:00
By Mr x
Anyone else been screwed over money in there pay ? Shocking the way you have treated your staff
06 June 2014 01:12:00
By Horticulture guru
It's simple really. The family bring in a proven liability in recent months and within a short time the business is unrecognisable and is falling to pieces. Family businesses eh!!!!!

06 June 2014 01:11:00
By Ekim Nayr Tache
One thing that is widely mentioned is the unbelievable incompetence of senior management . Yet they are all still in place still driving the Titanic towards the iceberg. All the table thumping has got us nowhere . Time to sweat eh !!!!!!
06 June 2014 01:10:00
By insider
The so called senior management are so incompetent that they pay more to deliver goods than they cost to buy. Anyone working for the company will tell you that they are so desperate to keep customers that they are currently selling product at a loss and then spending a fortune to deliver it. The administrator is selling stock to pay off the debt but should bring in someone who knows how to save money. This company regularly sends artics of product to both Edinburgh and Norwich only to return it a few weeks later. Anyone taking on this company need to do a full analysis of the company and so called incompetent management. Especially those at Hunnington and Droitwich, wouldn't trust them to sit the right way round on a toilet. 2
06 June 2014 01:09:00
By Cannot wait
Well I for one cannot wait for the whole shooting match to close down, there will be life after Solus as there was life before Solus,bring on the redundancy pay let's party and enjoy the Summer.
06 June 2014 01:08:00
By Ekim Nayr
Spelling aside. You know very little, all depots have been run into the ground because Midlands hogged all the stock and drip fed regional depots a few items at a time. What had been high percentage availability for these depots had reduced to 70% due to poor planning at Midlands depot. Least productive has to be head office . So many fancy titled jobs created yet no one, not even themselves probably knew what they were doing. Bringing very little if anything to the company.Yeah least productive depot indeed!
06 June 2014 01:07:00
By ex employee
You are not up to date Newcastle went first over 2 yrs ago then just over 2
weeks ago all of Barlow were made redundant
06 June 2014 01:06:00
By Ex Midlands Employee
Feel so sorry for all our Edinburgh colleagues and also our ex Newcastle colleagues. The remote depots incl Rackheath have been the best run depots in the Solus business for years and provided the best customer care by far, far out performing the Midlands depots and these people are the ones suffering. Inept and short-sighted decisions made by senior management in the Midlands has created the problems we are now seeing. These people who made the decisions are still employed and should never have been put in the positions they are in and being paid what they are paid. If and when Solus closes, let's see if these people find jobs that pay the same as they are being paid now. I don't think so !!! Let's now hope all those good people in Edinburgh find jobs quickly as they deserve to for all the effort they have put in over the years. Good luck to you all and best wishes
06 June 2014 01:05:00
By Secret squirrel
Edinburg great staff maybe ,best performing depot doubtfull as another depot has out performed all of the other depots in the group for some time now, still sad to see Edinburgh close but it is only the first of many and some one has to be first so it makes sence to close the least productive first.
06 June 2014 01:04:00
By Randy Rubbell
Totally agree, left out to dry by complete mismanagement at head office. I will be happy when their time is up but by then the damage is done. How can they sleep at night . I would be sweating profoundly !!!
06 June 2014 01:03:00
By Shafted 2
Another great idea from the Manager who ruined Gardman and now Solus. Closure of regional distribution centre?! its a depot called Lawsons and has served customers amazingly.

Yes you should be embarrassed and ashamed!
06 June 2014 01:02:00
By Shafted!!!!!!
The management down south have totally ruined the Scottish side of the business, ignored everything to try and turn things around, treated like muppets and dumped while the wasters keep their jobs!!!

They should be embarrassed and ashamed!!

Not long now, tick tock!
06 June 2014 01:01:00
By Ted Shaft
Yes another great idea .Close the best performing depot. Great staff on the scrapheap due to Midlands management's complete and utter blinkred uslessness. I for one hope the whole lot goes down the tubes.

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