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Garden buildings market set for growth, says AMA

Published: 18 October 2011
The market for garden rooms and buildings (including value-added services) was worth an estimated £110m in 2010, down 14% on the previous year, according to the latest market data from AMA Research. By mid-2011, the forecasts are that the market will be down a further 5% to around £105m in 2011.
Garden buildings market set for growth, says AMA
There are three main types of garden buildings which make up the market, says AMA: modular garden rooms (43% of the market by value), log cabins (32%) and timber framed buildings (24%). By volume, log cabins form the largest part of the market at more than 75%.

As the market has developed, AMA says there has been an increase in the choice of roof finishes available, and the provision of different colours, as well as a trend towards different shaped garden buildings. Working from home has become more popular in recent years, which has contributed to garden building sales.

While 2011 is set to be a difficult year, future prospects for the market are more favourable in 2011-15 as the economy and the sector come out of recession and start to return to growth, AMA has forecast. The volume of units sold is estimated to increase at a lower rate than the increase in the value of the market, and is forecast to reach 30-32,000 units in 2015, up more than 15% on current volumes.

This trend is expected to continue in the medium to long term due to growth at the premium end of the market, says AMA, and the increased share of modular and timber framed garden buildings at the expense of lower value log cabins.


Published prior to March 2014
By Garden Office UK
This report seems to go against what we believe is an upward trend throughout 2012 especially in the timber framed building sector. More and more people are recognising the savings that can be made from long commutes, high rents and fuel costs by working from home. May this trend continue.
Published prior to March 2014
By Jewel
Still a growth market - it's not just us growing then! Good to know. The log cabin thing - that needs clarifying. I can't imagine 75% are uninsulated and unrefined log structures. Last year's report itemised quality changes in demand, this snapshot seems to have overlooked any mention of this. http//
Published prior to March 2014
By Timber Buildings
A very nice post. Log cabins are gaining too much prominence now a days as they are one of the prime attraction for tourists. Besides they can be used for residential and commercial purposes. Indeed a very informative post on log cabins. I just subscribed for the same and hope you will be posting same sort of stuff regularly. Thanks

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